Athletic Wear Trends

Sporty and sexy…

By Hannah Rogers |


Now that the holidays are over and it’s back to reality, many of us have fitness goals that we are trying to hit before spring (and not to mention New Year’s Resolutions we hope to uphold all year long). Staying active and getting back into shape is always a challenge physically and mentally, so why not look and feel your best while doing it? Here’s what’s trending in athletic wear this season so you can slay your goals at the gym in top-notch style…


This season we are seeing a lot of leggings that include sheer details or cutouts either across the knees, down the sides of the hips or legs, or around the ankles of the pants. Funky patterns (especially floral, splatter print, geometric, and galaxy themed ones) are also trending when it comes to picking fashionable athletic bottoms. Cropped leggings are great for indoor workouts as they help to keep you a little bit cooler, while full-length leggings are ideal for outdoor activities. Just make sure your leggings are sturdy and thick, comfortable, and sweat absorbent – you don’t want to “dampen” your workout now, do you?

Sports Bras

Sports bras are a necessity for all active women, and showing them off is more stylish than ever. Choose a sleeveless workout top and say yes to a sports bra with lots of cool straps. Some straps crisscross across the neck to form an edgy caged look, while others create this same effect across the back and shoulder blades. If the strappy statement look isn’t your style, traditional sports bra styles are perfectly acceptable, too. Neon colored sports bras, or ones decorated with fun patterns, will add an energetic vibe to your workout attire (and may even help to energize you, too!).


Thin puffer vests are excellent for winter workouts; they keep you bundled up without trapping in too much heat or making you feel too heavy and bulky. There’s nothing like a classic, sleek black quilted vest – it will match any athletic outfit you have on. But if you prefer a color, don’t hesitate to go for a vest in a hot hue.


Always choose a pair of athletic shoes that are the most comfortable and functional for you, then jump into the fun part: picking out your favorite colors. Sneakers with multiple bright and contrasting colors are super stylish and very eye-catching (you may just turn some heads). If you prefer to wear active wear that is understated or black, a colorful pair of sneaks will add some chic pop to your look.

Don’t forget to invest in a hip pair of Bluetooth headphones or earbuds so you can boogie down while you burn off those cals. And don’t be shy to embrace exercising in style: when you add some fashionable pieces to your gym outfit, working out doesn’t have to be a chore!